If you passed the corridors of safe passage in the last few months, you would notice a room full of paint, music and teenagers.  The morning students have been finishing off their year-long projects and getting ready to show everyone all of their talents.  If you spend just one morning in the creative expression program, you quickly learn that it is not only a place to learn artistic techniques, but also a place where one can discover their personal form of expression.  It is a place that acknowledges the uniqueness that every voice holds. 

We are all artists: whether we be musicians, painters, graffiti artists, writers or actors; we all have the ability to express ourselves.  Here, in this program, we offer the space to find your own voice.  Every year, we choose a theme or value that encompasses all of the goals of our program.  This year, the creative expression team decided that internal strength is a value that represents all of us.  Something that is challenging to people of all ages is the ability to accept the things we cannot change and see where we truly do have power.  When we refer to strength or power this year, we are speaking about the difficult moments that happen, because they always happen, and how we decide to react to these moments.

On September 27, 2013 all 83 of the committed creative expression participants showcased their internal strength here at the CRE in front of their peers, families, and teachers.   Every painting, photo, monologue, song, and choreography is a response to their lives.  To participate as artists is a conscious decision to do something positive amidst the chaos that always exists.  The creative expression participants proudly showed off their own strength as well as offered their family and peers a chance to find some within themselves.

-Elena Chernock

Creative Expression Program Coordinator