On Saturday January 18th, 40 1st and 2nd graders from Safe Passage were invited to share a morning with the students of American School of Guatemala and their parents.

Music, educational activities and games were waiting when the kids arrived to the American School facilities. Our children were happy to be outdoors and share with kids their own age.

At lunch time, the American School students and their parents shared a picnic with our kids, giving them the opportunity to talk and share their stories.

To see the smiles and happy faces in our children is very rewarding. But beyond the fun of the moment, we know that these type of student exchange activities create lasting memories for our children and positively impact their perspective on life and education. To meet other students of the same age encourages our affiliates to continue their efforts in school and to believe in their potential to be successful.

Thanks to the generosity of the American School of Guatemala, our children had an amazing and unforgettable experience.