Nine months ago seven moms packed into the tiny jewelry shop trying to crank out an order of burlap messenger bags on small home machines. Like most Safe Passage programs, Social Entrepreneurship sewing project started small but dreamt big. Thanks to the help of generous supporters, dedicated volunteers, and remarkable women, the Sewing Collective celebrated the

inauguration of its very own “taller” or workshop on Friday 8th of March. Twenty Safe Passage mothers walked into a newly renovated workshop furnished with 15 industrial sewing machines. With this life-changing facility and one very talented and patient instructor, up to 48 women this year will learn how to use these complex machines and begin to fill more and more orders. When Anabella Hernandez saw the machines, she was overwhelmed with emotion. In her remarks to the group, Anabella shared, “what a gift this is to us and the community—we now have the tools to change our lives and those of our families.”

The sewing collective is one of three initiatives the Social Entrepreneurship Program. Social Entrepreneurship Program’s mission is to: 1) provide organizational capacity to run businesses that create employment opportunities for Safe Passage families; and 2) build leadership so that women can participate in the companies themselves.