Safe Passage Psychology Program staff

The Safe Passage Psychology Program, La Luna, started in 2007. The name of our program, La Luna (‘the moon’ in English), was selected as a way to combat the societal stigma associated with psychology. La Luna is also a welcoming, kid-friendly term that appeals to the at-risk youth our psychologists work with most.

Since 2007, Safe Passage Psychology Program staff have had a clear goal: to contribute to the healthy emotional and social development of our students.

La Luna staff work in two key areas: clinical and educational. Before intervention or treatment begins, students are thoughtfully and carefully evaluated. We listen and evaluate all students without criticism or judgement, as we understand the harsh realities of the environment in which they live.

According to Safe Passage social workers, 42% of students exhibit signs of distress due to instances of violence and vulnerability at home.

In addition to social and emotional support, it is vitally important for us to support our students’ educational progress. To do this, our educational evaluations focus on addressing and overcoming obstacles to learning instead of focusing on results, labels or grades.

We believe it is our role as educators and psychologists to open alternate avenues to learning so that all students have equal access to comprehension.

We have had many interesting experiences in the last 10 years–there have been sad stories, stories that fill us with pride and hope, and stories that make us happy more than anything else! In the community where we work, success stories are difficult to come by, but we work hard every day so that each of our students has a special story they can be proud to tell.

“If I help one person to hope, I will not have lived in vain.” -Martin Luther King

Our stories are built on a daily basis, through something as small as a hug or a smile, and they motivate us to continue supporting our kids. Regardless of their unique needs, our students are the engine on our trip to “La Luna” and to future success.

-Pablo Callejas, Safe Passage Psychology Program Coordinator