This is a group of teenagers and youth who receive break dance and hip hop classes from our teacher Shannon every Saturday. We have the opportunity to learn in the Safe Passage Escuelita. Safe Passage is a non-profit organization that provides this space and the opportunity for us to dance each and every Saturday. Our group of dancers had the opportunity to go see some of the best hip hop dancers that currently represent Guatemala.


This event also represents our dream of being able to freely express ourselves through the power of dance. It was a beautiful experience because we watched the best dancers in Guatemala. It was a breakdance competition and the winner would go on to compete in Costa Rica and will be given the opportunity to represent Guatemala at the Red Bull BC One International BBoying Battle. The winner was B-Boy Chama. We hope that next month he represents all of us as Guatemalans and that people start to realize that “art gives us power to express ourselves.”

-Nicte Bámaca

Safe Passage 12th grade student