On a recent visit to Guatemala, we had the privilege of spending an afternoon with our sponsored children from Safe Passage.  Our family sponsors four boys-three fourth graders and one first grader.  Even though the boys are different ages, we love taking them all out together when we come to visit. We have gone bowling, explored the zoo, played round after round of laser tag and, of course, won tons of tickets at Chuck E. Cheese. 

Recently in July, we took the whole crew to lunch and the movie, “Monsters University”. The three older boys laughed through the whole movie while our youngest sponsor child reported afterwards “the monsters were a little scary.” We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon together.

Our family is delighted to take part in this sponsorship because we have witnessed the positive influence Safe Passage has had on Francy, Jerson, Max and Gaspar.  But just as importantly, we have witnessed the positive influence “our” four Guatemalan boys have had on our family.

My two grandsons love making and sending down cards for their buds, Jerson and Max. And both boys are anxious to follow their dad’s lead and come down to Guatemala to play laser tag with the whole crew of sponsor boys!  My daughter Megan, who volunteers at Safe Passage, helps to keep us up to date on the boys and is always calling with stories, “Mom, you won’t believe what Gaspar did today!” With our visits and correspondence we receive from sponsorship, the boys have become part of our family and we are so excited to watch them grow and learn with the help of Safe Passage!

-Beverly McAdams on behalf of the McAdams’ family

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