This September, when Guatemala celebrated its Independence Day, 27 mothers in CREAMOS set up a beautiful stand in two outlets of one of Guatemala's largest and most prestigiuos department stores, CEMACO. CEMACO hosted a month long fair called Guatemala Nuestra (Our Guatemala) and for the fourth year in a row, CREAMOS was invited to participate. Artisans from all over Guatemala travel to attend this fair inside CEMACO and sell their products.

This experience is always very positive for the moms in CREAMOS, allowing them to interact firsthand with Guatemalan customers in a professional setting and tell their stories to people who have never been to Zones 3 and 7 around the dump.  This was the first year that our mothers were able to cover all the day and evening shifts without any help from volunteers and arranged all their own transport to and from the event.

One mother, Juana Vicente, who is just finishing her 6th grade degree, was especially proud after completing her first close-out. Closing out sales at the end of the day requires carefully counting all the cash and credit card sales, reconciling these amounts, and then traveling to the bank and making a deposit. After Juana successfully completed this, the mothers congratulated her and she was beeming with pride. "CEMACO is a very positive experience for us.

It challenges the moms in very educational ways and helps them learn how to interact with customers. They learn that they can't just stand and wait for customers to come, they have to interact and tell the stories of their jewelry and their lives, " said Social Entreprenuership Coordinator Ilusion Farias.

Thanks to CEMACO for supporting Safe Passage and CREAMOS!

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