Safe Passage had a booth at the Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors Show, and unfortunately, in the pouring rain, we found our canopy was not at all waterproof.  We had to keep all our brochures in large zip lock bags, and we stood bundled in our rain gear all day.  I was surprised at the hardy folks who weathered the near constant rain and splashed through the puddles to talk with us about the children and families we serve, and my kayak trip from Maine to Guatemala to raise awareness and funds for Safe Passage. 

Our minor inconvenience of the rain made me think about the Safe Passage mothers and fathers who work in the garbage dump through Guatemala's rainy season, through tropical downpours and blustery winds.  Instead of my gortex rain coat and rain pants, they use large plastic bags, cutting two holes for arms and one for their head.  These flimsy coverings provide very limited protection as they scavenge through the garbage right through the storms.  And instead of going home in the evening to a dry tent like me, they return to their homes with their tarp or metal roofs that often leak rivelets of dirty water.  They persist and earn the money to support their children, so the least I can do is to challenge myself to kayak to Guatemala, through rain and sun, telling their story along the way.

-Deborah Walters

Safe Passage Board of Directors and Voyage Kayaker