Part of my heart belongs in Maine, where I lived for several years and made some dear friends, so I was anxious to return there with my husband in 2003 to introduce our Guatemalan-born daughter whom we adopted in 2002.  On our last day in Portland, there was a front page story in the Sunday Telegram about Safe Passage and Hanley Denning.  It seemed we were meant to see that article and I was moved to tears reading about the work being done by Hanley and SP to help the children of families living around and working in the Guatemala City dump.  That Christmas, gifts to our families were in the form of donations made in their names to Safe Passage; it was the beginning of our commitment to help this incredible organization. My husband’s mother got in on the act and has donated to Safe Passage in our names numerous times, and this year our dear daughter asked that we donate to Safe Passage in lieu of giving her Christmas gifts.

But I needed to do more than just offer support at Christmas. Having lived in Guatemala for three months during the adoption process, I fell in love with the country and its people, and saw first-hand the depth and breadth of poverty. So in 2004 I made a return trip and bought many items at market which we then sold at an open house. Monies raised were donated to Safe Passage.  On my next trip to Guatemala, I was able to visit Safe Passage's facilities and the dump, and realized how the organization was growing and making a huge impact in the lives of so many children and families. We were inspired, and more open houses and tent sales followed. 

Those fund raising efforts grew as well and in 2005, Oh My Maya was established.  OMM is an IRS designated non-profit; the work is still all volunteer and we now support fair trade in Guatemala through purchases directly from artisans and co-ops, and donate 100% of the proceeds of the sale of these goods to Safe Passage and a few other charities working in Guatemala. Thanks to a donation to OMM, we have a beautiful website and Internet store, and are hoping to continue growing sales so we can increase our support of Safe Passage.

That’s where YOU come in!  In an effort to boost support of Safe Passage, the two organizations are working together to promote OMM sales. For the next two months, now through March 15, ALL monies raised through sales will be donated exclusively to SP. That means 100% of every purchase goes directly to Safe Passage- not just the profits, everything! Go to to start shopping, and be sure to tell your families and friends. This may be the easiest way ever for you to support Safe Passage!

-Robin Freeman

Oh My Maya