The start of each school year brings many things that are new to Safe Passage. New students, new staff, new ideas—each a welcome addition to our diverse community.


This year, there are several new things at Safe Passage that we’re especially excited to celebrate:

  • we added 2 full-day fourth grade classes, bringing our full-day student impact to almost 50% of our total student count
  • we’re using our new Expeditionary Learning-based teaching methodology, approved by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education
  • 4 new teachers spent the better part of 2015 training to implement new expeditionary-based curriculum and lesson plans

It’s an exciting time for Safe Passage, and Guatemala, too, as we’re the first school in Guatemala to implement this type of hands-on, expeditionary curriculum.


To ensure that our transition to a new teaching methodology runs as smooth as possible, we started the year with a curriculum-focused staff training led by our new expeditionary learning teachers.

The workshop focused on values such as responsibility and communication—key components of our new methodology—and our new teachers had the opportunity to share their progress and process with other staff.


By working together to reach common goals, and communicating openly about the implementation of our new curriculum, we greatly increase our ability to bring our team closer together and further our mission and focus on our students.

And communication continues outside of our program walls! By including you in our progress, and showing you how and what our students are learning in 2016, we can all share in Safe Passage success stories.


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