Hi!  My name’s Owen, and I work at Safe Passage coordinating Support Teams that come to volunteer with us for a week at a time.  So far this year we have about 25 of these groups signed up to come down, although we are always looking for more! Read more.

To give you just a brief introduction on myself, I graduated last year from Saint Louis University with degrees in Social Work and Psychology.  Since then, I have been living in Central America—first working at an orphanage in Honduras for several months, then traveling some, and finally falling in love with the country of Guatemala and settling down here after coming across Safe Passage one day by chance.

I’ve only been with the organization since January, although these four months have provided me with so much growth, many challenges, joyful and heartbreaking moments, and I have seen so much positive change happening among the children and families that we work with.  After having worked/interned/volunteered with many non-profit organizations in places such as St. Louis, Missouri; Texas; Honduras; and in Kentucky where I am originally from, it is so refreshing to be with one that has gone so far down the right path throughout its 11 years of existence (“eleven years young!” as our Executive Director, Richard, always says!) and continues to be progressing that way.  Each day here brings new experiences and new stories.

My colleague Jess and I will be writing on this blog weekly about our experiences here and what’s going on at Safe Passage, so stay tuned!

Until next time,

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