The MidCoast ChangeMakers team did such an incredible job this month! The team was composed of InterAct Club (Rotary youth club) from Mid-Coast Maine and members of The Rig, a local teen cultural center. First of all, they are total fundraising all-stars, raising over $40,000 for their trip with tons of activities ranging from tabling at the National Toboggan Championships, to hosting

a Guatelama-themed dinner gala in Camden, Maine with an acapella group, craft sale and silent auction that garnered them even more publicity. Chaperon Nicole Marie Fuller helped them create a dynamite Kickstarter video that helped them raise over $2,000 towards their bookbinding project.

They also put together super-creative educational activities for the kids at the project like book binding, print making, and creating collassal blue banners with human silhuettes. How cool is that!? The group also took a relaxing day to explore the beauty and indigenous culture of Lake Atitlan in the Guatemalan highlands. You can check out dozens of photos and news from their team on their very own Facebook page that they created. By demonstrating superb motivation, team spirit, organization and eagerness, this team made a lasting impact on the children at Safe Passage and we want to give them a huge GRACIAS for their exemplary work!