Meet Douglas Cordero, the Safe Passage Computer Lab manager as he explains how students from around the Guatemala City garbage dump come here to learn computer skills, helpful programs, and do their school homework. Many of the students have no

electricity at home and none have their own computers, so this small space helps them succeed in school and the workplace. The biggest challenge facing Douglas is that the students at Safe Passage do not receive any computer classes in their schools. If they do receive classes, they are only theoretical, and the children never touch actual computers, so for many students, this is their first point of contact with computers. Despite having 15 computers in the lab, for 550 students this is sometimes not enough and Douglas wishes he had a bigger projector to use for teaching the students. Despite these challenges, Douglas is often amazed at how attentive the students are and some cases stand out for him. Douglas points to the example of high school senior Byron Rodriguez who always learns new things the first time Douglas explains them, and to Sonia Rivera Pineda who started out painfully shy and has excelled to the point where she always sits in the front of the class and asks Douglas, "So what are we going to learn today?"