The Safe Passage English Program is always searching for new ways to make learning English relevant and fun for our students. For this most recent project, we walked into English classes with a CD of the song “Pollito Chicken – Remix” by the artist Watussi.

 Many of the students, already familiar with the song, immediately jumped in to sing along and danced to the floor when the line “to the floor, to the floor” came on! After seeing the students’ first reactions, we knew we had to capture their energy on camera and put a Camino Seguro spin on Pollito Chicken!

While you watch the videos, keep an eye out for a few of our emerging Safe Passage stars! In the video of the older students, Lesly and Samuel really break it down, Selvin cracks everyone up as he runs slow motion towards the camera, and Axel leads his class through the lyrics with ruler in hand! For the younger kids, the first grade girls dance “to the floor” and ask for the song one more time or “otra vez” and Jerson, in the striped shirt, steals the show with his crazy dance moves!

-Megan McAdams
Safe Passage English Program Coordinator