“Kids!” That was most common response from our current Safe Passage volunteers when asked about why they came to serve at Safe Passage. The reason they come to work each day is simple: it’s our incredible and inspiring students! During a weekly volunteer meeting, we asked the group to participate in a “quick write” where I asked questions and gave them 30 seconds to scribble their responses down, (making for a few illegible entries that needed to be clarified), and we wanted to share their responses with all of you!


Our international volunteers expressed that they enjoy the opportunity to learn and improve their Spanish speaking abilities while gaining professional experience abroad. For our Guatemalan volunteers, many celebrated the fact that they could be helping in their own country while gaining teaching experience. Safe Passage volunteers feel like they are “making a difference”, “learning something new every day,” and are part of “an amazing multi-cultural community of staff and volunteers.” And, of course, for the vast majority, the best part of being a Safe Passage volunteer is “the kids we work with.”


According to the current crew, the organization should continue promoting our extracurricular activities (English, Sports, Creative Expression, Health) and academic reinforcement offered by the Tutoring Program. And the one thing that Safe Passage should definitely not change is rice and beans day in the main building (a regular Thursday event that makes all volunteers really happy, especially when fried plantains are involved).


If you or someone you know is interested in joining our dedicated and fun bunch of volunteers here at Safe Passage please visit our website: www.safepassage.org/volunteers or email volunteers@safepassage.org for more information!

-Megan McAdams
Safe Passage Volunteer Coordinator