Former long-term volunteer Carlyn Wright-Eakes was back at Safe Passage in April working with current Creative Expression Program Coordinator Elena Chernock. Carlyn helped lead a self-reflection workshop using many different art based techniques, including grafitti, and exploring issues of identity and culture through self-portraits.

Workshop activities included personal writing as well as work in painting, collaging, charcoal, and pastels. The culminating project was a beautiful community mural that represents five individual students, their work, and their self-perceptions. Next to each students face on the wall is a smaller box which the students filled with questions they have for their community, prompting reflection and further engagement on the part of the viewer. The wall for the mural was generously donated by the owner of the factory inside, and since this mural only covers a small portion of the wall, Elena will lead the creation of another mural in June and plans to capture that process on film as well.