Shared Beat, aided by Safe Passage, organized and hosted a health fair providing medical care, physical therapy, and lenses to students, families and the community.Each station touched upon a different aspect of the body and staying healthy. 

After feeling and viewing the ulnar and radial bones (those between the elbow and wrist) of the skeleton on display at the Bones Station, students were encouraged to feel their own bones to illustrate the skeletal system that serves as the frame for the body.
The physical therapy team was in charge of the Stretching and Exercise Station, where they also managed to gauge and collect data about the physical fitness of the students. Well-equipped with stethoscopes, the Heart Station was where students could listen to their heart rhythm change before and after a short burst of jumping.
There was also a mental health station and an anatomy station in English. Mayra, the nurse assistant and soon-to-be nursing student and I, the new health teacher, made posters and talked about food contamination and the effects of smoking on the lungs and all parts of the body. Students knew that smoking destroyed one's lungs but were surprised of the detrimental effects it has on reproductive health.
At the end of the fair, the kids received goodie bags with a combination of pencils, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bandaids, and lots of stickers! All in all, I think everyone learned a little bit more about being healthy during the Feria de Salud!
-Ada Reso
Health Teacher