Celeste was friends with a Safe Passage student and would often accompany her to the project, but was not enrolled. When her mom lost the job that had supported Celeste and her siblings, Celeste joined Safe Passage as a student and started her studies, graduating in 2010. Celeste loved Safe Passage and decided to take a part-time job helping make copies in the Educational Reinforcement Building office.

She was so good at it that when a job opened, Celeste was hired to coordinate the front desk and process all the letters and correspondance between the different departments at Safe Passage. Celeste's favorite part of working at the Educational Reinforcement Center front desk is seeing all the kids come in and out each day. Celeste laughed, explaining that some even call her teacher because they get along so well. Celeste has enrolled in the university to pursue a degree in pyschology and her goal is to become a pyschologist to help little kids through their problems and achieve their dreams.

-Dave Holman

Outreach and Communications Coordinator