“One day, 2 Safe Passage social workers arrived at my house in Zone 3 near the garbage dump to talk to me about the benefits of joining Safe Passage. I was in 6th grade at the time and studying in another school. Both of my parents had died and I had been taken in by my godmother but she has recently died too. Despite these hardships, I graduated from Safe Passage in 2011, specializing in business administration. My graduation was perfect. I felt relaxed and calm because I knew that after so many hard years of studying I had made it. Now I work at an insurance company called Seguros Universales.

I am the manager of the branch and coordinate several other employees. We sell all kinds of insurance: life, car, fire, home, business, you name it. I love my job because I’m a people person. I love meeting new people and interacting. I go back to Safe Passage to speak to the seniors about the importance of staying in school and show myself as an example of someone who has been through poverty and been able to achieve success. I want to show them how my life has changed so they can change theirs. One of my favorite teachers was Seño Rosalinda Fuentes. She really helped me a lot. She motivated me to study; and now that I’ve graduated, we’re Facebook friends now.”