Family day here at Safe Passage is always exciting. It is a cross between School Carnival and Field Day with a bit of a country fair thrown in. It takes place on the last day before the holiday of “Semana Santa”, the week before Easter and it’s an opportunity for everyone involved with Safe Passage to let their hair down and enjoy themselves after a tough three months of studying and working. Friends, parents and relatives are invited to come and share in a huge selection of games and competitions, all in the name of fun, with enough prizes up for grabs that everyone goes home happy.

There was a huge variety of games from blindfolded “pin the tail on the donkey”, to basketball and soccer games, hoop throwing and fishing for prizes. While the face painting was really meant to be for the students, many of the parents and most of the volunteers ended up getting involved too!

There is nothing better than seeing a family competing in a fun, friendly way; both with and against each other. I will never forget the sight of a father sprinting to somersault onto a mat and wriggling through a hula hoop in a race with his 8 year old son. A fantastic day of sharing with not just our students, but their families and the whole community!

-Mathew Meehan

Safe Passage Visitors Coordinator