Maria Fernanda came to Safe Passage by coincidence.

At first, she did not know much about our program and she did not want to volunteer. What she did know was that she needed to spend a one month internship at a local organization to meet a volunteer requirement for school.

More than one year later, Maria is still a Safe Passage volunteer!

After she had finished her one-month internship, Maria was transformed. Working first in our wellness center and then within our Tutoring Program, Maria found her true calling: to become a teacher of children with learning disabilities.

Today, Maria is in her first year at Mariano Galvez University in Guatemala. She is studying special education so that she can help children overcome barriers to comprehension.

Maria is also volunteering in our Tutoring Program. When asked what she likes most about the experience, Maria says, “I like tutoring students in the half-day program because they are the most vulnerable. I hope I can teach and inspire them to have a different perspective on life.”

“I believe anything is possible with a little hope and perseverance.” —Maria Fernanda, national Safe Passage volunteer

Often, Maria looks to our students for inspiration. “To me, every day is an extraordinary adventure.” Maria’s experience as a national volunteer has changed her own course as an active Guatemalan citizen, and it has changed her outlook on life.

Maria says that she “would definitely recommend other Guatemalans to come and volunteer at Safe Passage.” In fact, she has invited all of her friends to join her. “I believe change is caused by a chain reaction—one person can change the life of another person, and then that person can do the same to another.”

“I hope more people will open their eyes to see the change that one person can make.” —Maria Fernanda, national Safe Passage volunteer.

Our volunteers are vital to the success of Safe Passage. Would you like to volunteer? Become a part of our chain reaction of change today: