Deb Walters is 2015 Rotarian of the Year in Unity MaineSafe Passage Board member and solo kayaker Deb Walters is the "2015 Rotarian of the Year", awarded by the Unity, Maine Rotary Club on Tuesday, July 8, 2015. This award joins others, including Down East Magazine '2015 Best Adventurer on a Mission', to recognize Deb's courageous Kayak for Safe Passage Kids expedition.

Deb's selfless, honorable dedication to her expedition has increased awareness about Safe Passage and the Guatemala City garbage dump, created opportunities to further our mission, and reminded us all that one person can make a difference. 

Much like Safe Passage founder Hanley Denning, Deb is one person making a tangible, lasting impact on the lives of thousands of people.

Read more about Kayak for Safe Passage Kids on Deb's blog. You, too, can make an impact. Donate today.