Today I went to a door down the block from our project building—a door that I am certainly no stranger to—because in this house they sell one of the best of all Guatemalan delicacies, “chocobananos,” frozen chocolate-covered bananas! Read more.

For only 1.50 Quetzales (about $0.20), it is the perfect thing to top off lunch and cool yourself down on a hot day. Plus, since it’s fruit, I can’t feel too bad about eating dessert, right?

On my way back to the building I found myself suddenly attacked from behind with a hug from someone who barely came up to my waist, and without turning around I knew who it had to be…Arturo! I often see Arturo outside during lunch, as many days he arrives a little early before Safe Passage reopens for the afternoon session. Whenever he hugs me, he usually doesn’t let go for quite a while! I joke around with him a little bit and ask him how his day is going, and then he asks me if I might buy him a chocobanano, as he, like myself, has a great love for these frozen treats. Today I do, and as we have done before, we enjoy our bananas together on the sidewalk. He could ask me to buy one for him every day, since he knows I would have a hard time saying “no,” but he only does every now-and-then. After we finish, we say our goodbyes. I head back to work, and he goes to his classmates and teacher at Safe Passage for the afternoon.

Ever since I worked in his class for a few days several months back, he always seems to keep an eye out for me. On a nearly daily basis, I pass by a certain classroom in the building and hear a slightly froggy little voice yell out my name through an open window, or I hear an enthusiastic “bye-bye Owen!!” as I’m getting on the bus to go home after a long day, and I look over to see Arturo. And that seems to make a good day even better or a tough day not so bad at all.

Enjoying chocobananos and much love from the kids,