• Created March 23, 2021

Despite the school doors being closed, we continue to provide life-sustaining food, cleaning detergent and other supplies to families and to support our 550 students with homework packets and, in the case of our older students, internet connection to continue their high school studies. Our teaching and social work staff are meeting regularly via Zoom to design innovative educational materials and outreach methods to continue the progress they achieved before schools were suspended. The eagerness, tenacity and grit of our entire staff and students have shined through these dark days. As we look toward the future and our new reality, things will be different and will require flexibility and innovation. Your support will help us continue on our mission of providing a pathway out of poverty, despite the pandemic, while ensuring the safety of our staff and students. 

For more information about our COVID Relief efforts, visit Our Stories, or you can make a donation directly on our site. 

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