In February, the increasingly popular Mexican pop singer Natalia Lafourcade visited Safe Passage. Natalia is not only a singer, but also a songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, actress and philanthropist.

On February 12th, Natalia Lafourcade gave a concert in Guatemala city, and seizing the opportunity, visited Safe Passage the day before to learn about the project and our children. With the charm and simplicity that characterizes her, Natalia shared her time and her music with kids and volunteers. She expressed the wonder and inspiration caused by Safe Passage’s work and commitment. Thanks to Queta Calderon, Natalia’s manager, who worked together with the Safe Passage’s team to coordinated this visit.

In an environment surrounded by violence, poverty and stigma, like the one our children live in, being able to interact with a sensitive woman who has achieved international success through music, provides a bridge that breaks prejudices, that inspires, and strengthens the right to dream and strive for a better life. The reality of a musician, outside the fictional stage lights and the entertainment, can be very difficult sometimes. It involves overcoming barriers, difficulties and rejections that without the adequate courage, are impossible to overcome. The musical success is achieved with effort and hard work. That spirit of struggle against obstacles that Natalia had to overcome on her way to success, and the same process is shared by our children and their families every day to build a better life.

After a rewarding day, the ties between Natalia and Safe Passage have been secured through solidarity and friendship. The doors will stay opened from both sides, therefore this first approach is only the beginning of great things. Thanks to Natalia for sharing with us your sympathy and your talent. So Long!

-Noel Arevalo

Creative Expression / Music Education