On September 28th, the Creative Expression program closed out this year's morning program with a grand final presentation here at Safe Passage. This year, we have been working with the theme Imagination versus Reality.  In each class, we discussed what their reality is like and how it interacts with their dreams, and the most important question of all, ¨can we use our imagination to transcend our reality?¨ Each student had a different response. 

The event was a reflection of their responses, expressed through their art work, photography, poetry, music, monologues and dances. 

The event began at 4pm as families, donors, and staff entered the main building.  They were greeted with flowers, candles, music, and food.  The volunteer staff assisted the kitchen staff as waiters, serving the families in order to give them a chance to relax and enjoy the show. The presentation kicked off with a dance by the children of the Escuelita, who interpreted the theme by alternating between a waltz and break dancing. This was followed by three monologues and a scene written by the older students, expressing the daily struggle between their dreams and the real struggles they face in reaching their goals. We then moved locations to the outdoor gazebo, where the music presentation took place.  Six music students were selected to present based on their dedication, grades, and behavior.  Through music, we witnessed huge strides in confidence-building as one of our star students sang for her very first time in front of a crowd of 200.  The music presentation was wrapped up with a beautiful Spanish version of John Lennon´s ¨Imagine.¨ The night continued with an adaptation of ¨Where the Wild Things Are” and finished with a final dance that explored the contrast between reality and imagination in the lives of our youth.   

The final presentation was an exploration of the power of imagination.  The event raised funds for materials, introduced donors to our program, and most importantly, offered the 50 participants the opportunity to build their confidence and leadership skills while learning to express their complicated emotions in the most positive way possible: through art.

See 90 photos of the event here on Facebook.

-Elena Chernock

Safe Passage Creative Expression Program Coordinator