We welcome a music filled year here in the Creative Expression Program!  We have been fortunate enough to secure multiple donations in the last 12 months allowing us to plan for a long term and permanent music program. 

Last July, TJ Hurst fundraised for our music program and as a result we were able to purchase three new keyboards, a new sound system for performances, 2 new microphones, a brand new guitar rack with the capacity for 20 guitars, and the possibility of planning excursions with our Saturday music club.

Last year, we were also lucky enough to meet David Wish on a Safe Passage tour.  David is the founder and executive director of an amazing US non-profit called Little Kids Rock that works with creating music programs in public schools.  The entire creative expression team was invited to participate in an invigorating and exciting two day LKR training with David.  To say we enjoyed ourselves would be an understatement.  We saw how easy it was to capture the attention of children with music and boost their self-esteem.  I certainly felt good about myself after learning to play just a few different chords!  Even though I had never played the guitar in my life, I was part of the band by the end of the weekend.   We left the training feeling excited and motivated! 

David was then kind enough to introduce us to Edwin and Francisco from Sonidos Para La Vida, an organization based in Guatemala whose mission is to bring opportunities to the children of Guatemala through music.  Six months later, through Sonidos Para La Vida collaborating with the Hermes Music Foundation and Little Kids Rock, we received a donation of 20 new guitars and 20 new ukuleles!

We now have all the tools necessary to have a thriving and permanent music program here at Safe Passage.  Noel Arevalo, music teacher, has started an official Saturday club and we hope to have a Safe Passage band in the very near future!


-Elena Chernock

Creative Expression Program Coordinator

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