The mothers’ running club has been operating at Safe Passage for two years. The mothers recently decided to step up their traning schedule and are meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6am at the Parque de la Democracia in Guatemala City before some of them attend morning church services. Seven mothers are regular members of the group and their ages range from 23 to 60. They find that their runnig club is a great way to keep fit and socialize. Irma Corado, the Assistant Manager of the Social Entrepreneurship helps organize the club for these running moms.


This week we received a donation from another women’s running group from the UK. The “Goalden Girls” are a group of over 50’s women with little or no running experience, who formed to run a marathon in the Olympic Year of 2012. They have raised money for many different local causes and have now sent their help further afield. As well as buying over $500 of CREAMOS jewelry, they also sent over their old equipment to the project.


One of the things holding our women back is sometimes a lack of equipment – good running shoes can be expensive, and womens athletic gear can be hard to come by in Guatemala, simply due to the lack of female participation in sport. This donation means that the mothers can keep healthy, while enjoying the sights of Guatemala City, and inspire others to do the same.