Safe Passage student stories: meet Linda

blog-2016student-lindaLinda has been a full-day Safe Passage student since she was nearly 2 years old.

Compared to Guatemalan public schools (open only 4 hours each day), Safe Passage’s full-day program aims to meet the needs of the whole child. From a young age, Linda has received hands-on education, healthy meals and snacks, access to healthcare and so much more.

Linda’s biggest dream is to become a nutritionist. She hopes to someday get a job where she can take care of the children she knows who need help.

Growing up in one of Guatemala’s poorest communities, our students learn at a very young age the importance—and necessity—of working hard to provide for your family, and the value of giving back to others.

In the meantime, Linda is happy to be a kid, jump rope, paint, and help her mother at home. Her favorite class is Computer Science (because she “can learn while also having fun”) and she really loves all of her teachers.

At Safe Passage, we strive to make our program so much more than just a school. We work hard to foster a fun, engaging environment that encourages the process of discovery. We aim to give students access to the resources they need to pursue their biggest dreams.

What we do each day for students like Linda is made possible by you.

Thank you for reading Linda’s story and for helping us transform education in the Guatemala City garbage dump community, one student at a time.

Fun fact: Linda’s mother was also a Safe Passage student more than 15 years ago when our program first opened in 1999!