Chess and a Backpack of Books

“A student who reads, thinks. A student who thinks, learns. A student who learns can make change.” Ubelia, a student in 6th grade strolls through the doorways of Safe Passage, walks down the stairs, slowing down as she passes the library exclaiming, “Que facil!” or “too easy!” in regards

Narwhals and Walrus and Ice! Oh My!

As I prepare for the solo kayak voyage from Maine to Guatemala, folks are asking me, “Can you really do that?” When they see a 62 year old woman in a business suit, it's not surprising that they might express surprise when I say I want to kayak solo

Voting for the Parents Committee

Every ‘Reunion Mensual' (Monthly Meeting) here at Safe Passage is a big day, as once a month we ask our students to stay home for the day and instead invite the parents to an afternoon full of encouragement and support. It’s one of my favorite days of the month.

The Crazy Idea is Hatched

It was two people and a bottle of wine at a dinner in a tropical garden in Guatemala: Rich Howe, an adventurous sailer and me, Deb Walters, an avid kayaker and a “woman of a certain age”. Rich is the current board president of Safe Passage, and I am