Running Club Revolution

The Safe Passage mothers have begun 2013 by starting a revolution. They were tired of feeling tired, unhealthy and inactive.  Although they have been expressing these feelings for a while, the excessive amount of tamales, a mass of starchy corn based dough, during the Christmas season were the final

Look, teacher! A zebra!

It’s not often that our students get the opportunity to leave the barrio where they live. For most of our students, the reality of a neighborhood seeping with trash and drenched in poverty, violence, and addiction is the only reality they ever get to see. When an opportunity did

Próximo Paso´s first steps

Our graduates overcame enormous challenges and, with the support of Safe Passage and their families, have accomplished what very few individuals in these communities have: promotion from secondary education. When we first began the Proximo Paso program this year, my singular focus was to find formal employment our high

Making Change

The MidCoast ChangeMakers team did such an incredible job this month! The team was composed of InterAct Club (Rotary youth club) from Mid-Coast Maine and members of The Rig, a local teen cultural center. First of all, they are total fundraising all-stars, raising over $40,000 for their trip with