Our Youngest Supporters

It is always impressive when a person decides to donate their time and effort to help someone else. It’s even more impressive when that person is under the age of 11. Such is the case for Amanda Herman (9) of Michigan, Lia Pachino ( 8) of North Carolina,  Dori

Uniformes, School Supplies and a Census

During January, the Safe Passage team worked together on delivering the Class Start-up Packages for our students and families. The Class Start-up Package holds each student’s basic needs for the 2013 school year, including: a backpack, one uniform, a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of dress shoes,

Nuestros donantes más jovenes

Es siempre impresionante cuando una persona decide a donar su tiempo y su esfuerzo para ayudar otra persona. Es aún más impresionante cuando esa persona tiene menos de 10 anos. Eso es el caso para Amanda Herman (9) de Michigan, Lia Pachino (8) de North Carolina, Dori Chapman (6)

Taking the Next Step

This year, Safe Passage is taking a big step in supporting our older students, as they prepare their bright futures after graduation, and our graduates, who have just launched themselves into the real world. Our Proximo Paso, or Next Step Program, will provide professional development training (think resume building,

Uniformes, Utiles y el Censo

Durante el mes de enero, el equipo de Camino Seguro trabajó colectivamente en la entregada de los Paquetes de Inicio a Clases de nuestras familias y estudiantes afiliados. El Paquete de Inicio a Clases constituye las necesidades básicas de cada estudiante para el año escolar 2013, e incluye: una

A Welcoming Tunnel

We are driving down the streets of Zone 7, heading towards the Safe Passage main building for our first day back after a few weeks off for the holidays. A van full of Guatemalans and gringos alike approaching our facilities, all extra-eager to return to this project that we

Oh My Maya Guest Blog

Part of my heart belongs in Maine, where I lived for several years and made some dear friends, so I was anxious to return there with my husband in 2003 to introduce our Guatemalan-born daughter whom we adopted in 2002.  On our last day in Portland, there was a

Un Mural del Arte Urbano

El club del arte urbano que conoce los sábados y que es dirigido por el instructor del arte Sami Dardas, terminó el año con un proyecto de colaboración. Los estudiantes siempre quieren a hacer sus propias obras pero ellos fueron estimulados a trabajar juntos y aprender como mezclar varios