1000 Book Donation From Child Aid

Thanks to the thoughtfulness of a recent tour visitor, Safe Passage was able to connect with Child Aid, a non-profit organization who graciously donated 1000 age-appropriate books to our library through their Reading for Life program. I recently spoke with Sara El-Sohl, Safe Passage’s library program coordinator about the

Preventive Medicine and Playground Specialists!

Twice a year, Shared Beat volunteers come to Safe Passage from all over the United States, from a wide variety of medical and non-medical backgrounds, and together they carry out a weeklong health clinic that provides necessary and otherwise unavailable medical services to the entire community around the garbage

My time tutoring

When I first began at Safe Passage six months ago, I had a choice of where to work: the main educational reinforcement center with its older students, or the Escuelita filled with the littlest learners in the program. While volunteers who are staying for six or more months generally

A Singing Sponsor

Five years ago Valentino Trujillo, a native Guatemalan, attended a screening of the film “Recycled Life” at a gathering hosted by the Chicago Friends of Safe Passage gathering. He was so moved by the documentary and by the work of Safe Passage that he joined the Chicago Friends Group

The Pulse, Dance-Off and Body Worlds

It’s that time of year again at Safe Passage! The time where we celebrate with our classes who have excelled in English, Creative Expression, Sports, and Health! Safe Passage students receive scores in their extra-curricular activities for their demonstration of 5 important values: participation, respect, responsibility, honesty, and collaboration.