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Our Program

The Safe Passage health and nutrition program has a close working partnership with the non-profit Shared Beat. Shared Beat funds and administers the Safe Passage clinic and medical staff and helps direct health education at Safe Passage. Safe Passage staff administer the nutrition program, provide health education to all students at all levels and work to ensure that each student is healthy both emotionally and physically. Additionally, Safe Passage has a strong social development department with phychiatrists, pyschologists and social workers who form a team to help our families and students pursue their education through healthy relationships and nurturing families. Students receiving after school enrichment at Safe Passage eat one full meal and a snack every day at Safe Passage. Full time students from pre-K through second grade receive three meals each day. All students also get vitamins and regular preventative health screenings. Shared Beat brings at least two medical teams to Safe Passage each year which allows us to offer extra screenings and open our clinic up to the community free of charge. Students often enter Safe Passage mal-nourished and under the healthy height and weight for their age. After spending a year with Safe Passage, the malnourishment rate falls to zero.