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Our Program

The kids and families at Safe Passage live in the neighborhoods surrounding the Guatemala City garbage dump. Our three program sites are located there as well.

Safe Passage enables the children enrolled in our program to attend Guatemalan public school by providing financial support to cover costs of enrollment, school supplies, and uniforms. Our Educational Reinforcement Center is where these school-age children come for a hot meal, homework help, medical care, sports and art programming, and a safe place to socialize. Our Early Education Program a uses the Planting Seeds methodology and serves children through first grade as a registered Guatemalan school. The Adult Literacy Program and Social Entrepreneurship Program offer similar resources for the pre-school-aged children as well as mother and fathers living and working in the dump and surrounding neighborhoods. Our programs are designed so that each child and parent can gain the skills needed to obtain stable jobs, to be self-sufficient, and to lead their families out of poverty in a dignified and permanent way. We use the Planting Seeds methodology to promote creative problem solving and adhere to an Educational Philosophy that emphasizes love, respect, and honesty.