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Rafael Bernal Cedillo is an eleven year old boy who lives with his mother Elena and siblings Enrique (2), Elena (9), Feliciana (13), David (17), and Yohanna (21). Rafael’s mom doesn’t have a steady job, she works at the garbage dump collecting items to recycle or sell and sometimes she also works making tortillas. Rafael’s family lives in a small house that they share with another family near the garbage dump. The house is made of cinder blocks and tin with a cement floor.

Rafael attends school for half of the day and is in 4th grade. For the other half of the day, he attends Safe Passage’s educational reinforcement center. He is a smart, outgoing, and chatty boy who loves math class. His favorite food is pizza, his favorite color is red, and he loves playing soccer. His best friend is Sergio from Safe Passage. When Rafael grows up wants to be an accountant because he really likes numbers. Learn about sponsoring a child like Rafael!