Sponsor stories: meet the Holsen family

This article was written by Safe Passage sponsor, Molly, about visiting Guatemala and Safe Passage with her family and their adopted Guatemalan son, Tomas. This past July we took our family of 5 to Guatemala for a cultural visit. The last time we were there we were picking up our oldest son, Tomas, and bringing him Read More »

Exploring the meaning of the owl mural at our Learning Art and Fun Center

If you have visited our new Learning, Art & Fun Center, you are most likely familiar with the bright, colorful mural of an owl near the entrance. Created by Safe Passage Creative Expression coordinator, Noel, and volunteers, Marlon and Natalia, the mural is a reminder that inside the walls of Safe Passage, the world is Read More »

Studying the local economy: an expedition to the central market in Guatemala City

One of the core features of our new Expeditionary Learning teaching methodology is the concept of connecting student learning to real-world issues and needs.    By utilizing fieldwork, project-based expeditions, and service opportunities, we can better connect students to the world around them. Relevant, authentic curriculum will encourage students to work collaboratively and think critically Read More »

Safe Passage Fourth Grade Geography Class Expedition to Guatemala’s Relief Map

As part of our transition towards a full-day accredited school, we selected Expeditionary Learning as our new teaching methodology for full-day students in grades three and four. Expeditionary Learning focuses on providing students with engaging, relevant curriculum that inspires them to lead their own learning. We do this through hands-on activities that blend core academics Read More »

Safe Passage student stories: meet Linda

Linda has been a Safe Passage student since she was nearly 2 years old. She’s currently in the third grade, which is one of our full-day grades using our new Expeditionary Learning curriculum! Compared to Guatemalan public schools (open only 4 hours each day), Safe Passage’s full-day program aims to meet the needs of the whole Read More »

Safe Passage Sponsor Stories: Meet Colleen

This article was written by Safe Passage sponsor, Colleen, about meeting her sponsor student for the first time. Our family lives on a dirt road in a small town in Maine. My husband and I are both busy professionals and we have three kids, the youngest now a freshman in college. Raising our children, we Read More »

Expeditionary Learning a welcome addition at Safe Passage

To empower our students to overcome adversity, we must first provide them with support, motivation, and life skills—resources they are often missing. Hanley, of course, knew this when she started Safe Passage 17 years ago. For our students, staying in school is an uphill battle. Attending public school in Guatemala means paying for uniforms, books, Read More »

Charity Navigator awards 4 stars for Safe Passage, 2 years in a row

For the second year in a row, Safe Passage has been awarded four stars by Charity Navigator, the highest possible rating for a non-profit! We’re honored to be among just 21% of U.S. charities to receive at least two consecutive four star evaluations. And we could not have done it without your support. Hope, education, Read More »

Inspiring others: Daniel’s Safe Passage story

Daniel still remembers meeting Hanley when he was just a young boy. Later, in his teens, Daniel was recruited to join a gang. For Daniel, staying in school was not an option when he needed to work in the dump to help feed his brothers. Steady care from Daniel’s teachers motivated him to graduate high Read More »