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In-kind Donations

You can help Safe Passage by making an in-kind donation from the list below if you are traveling to Guatemala or arrange for transportation and delivery. Our US development office cannot accept in-kind donations because the transportation, staff time, and logistics often cost more than purchasing these items in Guatemala.  If you have any questions please contact or call the US office at 207-846-1188. This list changes frequently, so be sure to check before donating!

In-kind Donation List 
Please note that many school supplies used in North America cannot be used in Guatemala due to specific school requirements for paper sizes, ruled measurements, etc. The list below includes items that are easy to find and inexpensive to purchase but that are currently needed by  our students.


Education Supplies:

Pens (blue, black, and red – preferably Bic)
Dry Erase markers (blue, black and red)
Erasers (preferably white)
Pencil sharpeners (metallic or plastic)
Wood crayons
30cm rulers
Play dough (preferably “Play-Doh”)
Marker box (10 to 12 colors, preferably Crayola)
Construction paper
USB Thumb Drives (2 GB or more)
Folders (size US Letter and Legal)
Spiral lined and square paper notebooks
Tempera paint*
8 ounce liquid glue*

Health and Sanitation Supplies:

Lice shampoo* – very expensive and difficult to find in Guatemala
Hand sanitizer* – 8 oz. dispensers
Baby wipes – unscented, if possible
Diapers (size XL for babies)
Bath towels

*Remember that these items must travel in your checked baggage.


Education Non-Prioritized Supplies:

Scientific calculators (Casio)
Highlighters (preferably Faber Castell)
White board erasers
Transparent contact paper


Wax crayons
Basic calculators