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How Donations are Spent

Your contributions have a profound impact on the lives of the children attending Safe Passage, and the great majority of funding goes to meet the direct needs of our students and their families. Your gifts will help us provide outstanding educational resources to give our students the chance to succeed in life and ensure that our students can better their working lives far beyond becoming the next generation scavenging the garbage dump.

All donations, unless specified as restricted, are used to support the general operating expenses of Safe Passage. Safe Passage is commited to openness and transparency. You may view our most recent financials and tax records here. That means we use your money to pay school fees, buy school books and supplies, supply food for every child, hold literacy classes for the mothers and fathers, offer sports and physical education for every child, provide medical care for all of our affiliated families, and fill our library with books.

See what your gift to Safe Passage can do:

$5 buys 1 book for Safe Passage’s Library, located in Guatemala City, which lacks a public library



$10 buys 1 pair of school shoes for 1 child





$25 buys 1 year of medical care– including clinic visits, annual physical, hearing evaluation and dental screenings – for 1 child for 1 year

$50 buys 1 monthly food bag – including staples such as rice, cooking oil, and beans – for 10 families

$100 pays for a month of clean drinking water for Safe Passage

$250 buys school fees, a backpack, textbooks, and school uniform for 1 child enrolled in school through Safe Passage

$500 buys a gang prevention program for 50 students

$1,000 Pays for our English program to teach English to 550 students daily for 2 weeks. 

$2,500 buys 4 new classroom computers

$5,000 buys 20 children's school fees, backpacks, textbooks, and school uniforms for 1 academic year

Your meaningful gift can help children and families in Guatemala City receive the education and opportunities that bring positive change to their lives.


Click the "Donate Now" button above to make your contribution in any amount. Or, visit our Donate page to learn about other ways to make a gift.




Choose a gift to give a loved one, then print and give a holiday card to tell your friends and family that you've honored them with a gift to Safe Passage. [Here's the card]

Matching Gifts double the impact of your gift and enable us to help twice as many children. Simply check with your Human Resources Department about your company's Matching Gifts Program.