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Plan an Event

Events can spread the Safe Passage story, share our passion for education, and even raise funds for Safe Passage. You can organize an event by following the six simple steps below!

1. REGISTER with this Event Planning Form!

2. PLAN your event. You can use our Event Planning Checklist. For inspiration see this list of event templates. You can download our template PowerPoint presentation here (Presentation notes here). You can also host a Hands Recycle Hope jewelry party with items from the CREAMOS women's group.

3. PUBLICIZE your event and invite people to attend! Feel free to use our step-by-step guide about how to create a Facebook event

4. HOST your event! Don't forget to take pictures and complete your sign-in sheet!

5. SEND us the Event Evaluation Form, the sign-in sheet any photos and stories we can share.

6. WOOHOO! Take a rest! Then start brainstorming and return to step 1!