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Art, Photos, and the Zoo!

"I recently had the pleasure of joining the Creative Expression team field trip to the zoo.  The excursion was a chance for all of the visual art and photography morning students to practice the techniques they have learned so far this year in a new and different environment.  Art teacher, Luis Curan, along with photography teacher and Creative Expression coordinator, Elena Chernock, talked to the kids before they left about how this trip was a special opportunity for them to practice everything they had learned in the last few months.  They also made it very clear that this was a trip the students deserved for working so hard and behaving well.

Family Day 2014

Family day here at Safe Passage is always exciting. It is a cross between School Carnival and Field Day with a bit of a country fair thrown in. It takes place on the last day before the holiday of “Semana Santa”, the week before Easter and it’s an opportunity for everyone involved with Safe Passage to let their hair down and enjoy themselves after a tough three months of studying and working. Friends, parents and relatives are invited to come and share in a huge selection of games and competitions, all in the name of fun, with enough prizes up for grabs that everyone goes home happy.

A Whisper in English

Quiet. That was how I would have described Cindy in the first five months that I knew her. She has a quiet smile, gives quiet looks, and has a quiet voice. To be honest, in the first five months that I taught her class, I never once heard her speak. In a class of twenty rowdy fifth graders, Cindy is exactly the kind of student who gets drowned out. When most of my class time is spent trying to get the class to be quiet and listen, it’s almost impossible to reach out to those who are already quiet and get them to speak up.

Mother: Boniface

Jumping on the balls of her feet, Boniface yells out in her high pitched voice, “Lajuj!” As part of the Family of Women group, Boniface leads a Maya counting class for visiting Safe Passage support teams. Her native language is Quiche. Teaching the Mayan numerical system to curious international volunteers gives her a sense of pride. “Now in English!” she says, showing off the English she has learned at Safe Passage.

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