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Ambassadors, we love you!

Safe Passage Ambassadors are a former volunteer or support team member who is fired up to spread the word about Safe Passage and stay involved back home! 

Each month, Safe Passage asks Ambassadors to choose one simple action to support Safe Passage (we email these options) and each Ambassador who completes an action gets a new (virtual) belt  assigned to them until the become Safe Passage Black Belt Ambassadors!

                   Colored Belt: Shows the diversity of Safe Passage Ambassadors.We all start here!


                  White Belt: Beginning the path of transformation.


                   Yellow Belt: Reflects unity and cohesion.


                   Orange Belt: You're on fire!

                .  Blue Belt: The clear color of problem solvers.

                  Green Belt: We are growing quickly.

                  Red Belt: The color of love that we radiant for the kids at Safe Passage

                  Pink Belt Shows our caring for each other. 


                  Turquoise Belt Shows our caring for each other.

                  Purple Belt:The color of perservence!


                 Brown Belt: The color of intelligence and wisdom.

          .      .Black Belt: You are a poverty-fighting master!