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Global Hope in Action Day

Hope in Action Day is the same day each year: March 9, the birthday of Safe Passage founder Hanley Denning. 

How can you share hope with others?

All it takes is one simple step, one small action, to share your Safe Passage story with others:

1. Share what hope means to you on Safe Passage’s Facebook page using the hashtag #HopeInAction
2. Send us a picture of you holding a sign that shows what hope means to you
3. Tell a friend or family member about our Safe Passage programs

Hope in Action Safe Passage Bottle Drive

Why is hope important?

Do you remember the first time that you heard about Safe Passage?

 Perhaps it was by word of mouth from a friend. Perhaps you visited the Guatemala City garbage dump and felt the reality of our mission by seeing firsthand the communities we serve. Perhaps you learned of Safe Passage after seeing photos online. That first connection no doubt inspired you to share your Safe Passage story with others.

Hope in Action Day is just that: give a friend, colleague or family member the opportunity to connect with Safe Passage. Plant the seed of hope and watch as our supporters around the world share hope with others. 

Hope in Action Day 2013 Safe Passage

What can you do?

From starting a conversation with a friend over coffee to hosting a picnic with Guatemalan-inspired dishes, the possibilities for your Hope in Action Day event are endless. Having a hard time thinking of an idea of what to do? Think back to your first encounter with Safe Passage, what you liked about it, what you would adjust, and start brainstorming about how you can give that same experience to someone else. If you are still stuck, here are some ideas for Hope in Action Day events to get you started:

Send us your favorite Safe Passage photo(s), along with a quote, anecdote or short story, to

Introduce three friends to Safe Passage, and encourage them email to learn more!

Wear your favorite Safe Passage shirt for the entire day!

Create an 'ask me about Safe Passage' button to wear.

Host a screening of Manos de Madre or our introduction video.

Speak to a local school, rotary group or other organization about Safe Passage.

Connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #HopeinAction

Sponsor a child by yourself or by joining forces with friends or family. 

Recruit, join, or form a support team to visit the project in Guatemala. 

Join the Safe Passage Ambassadors Group!

Grab a Clynk bag from the Safe Passage US office and start collecting bottles and cans!

What's next?

Share your ideas with us and we will share them on our website and social pages! Email photos to or use the hashtag #HopeInAction to interact with us on Facebook.